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Daily Recovery Blog

Monday September 24, 2018
"What made me keep coming back was the vision of hope the
meetings gave me." - Big Robert

Early recovery can be stressful. My experience was, when I
stopped using, the wreckage of my past started showing up. Every
day was a challenge. I still had urges to use. I was scared about
my future. I had court dates coming up. The highlight of my day
was going to meetings. It was at the meetings where I was able to
get glimpses of hope. I felt like I was carrying around a big
ball of garbage. Listening to others share the miracles in their
lives helped me to feel better. The first time I listened to a
speaker share his story, was like watching a movie. He was able
to hold my attention for the whole hour. His message was amazing.
He got clean young. I still see him see a few times a year. He
has over 30 years clean. He shared about world conventions. In
1982, our fellowship did not have a recovery text yet. He shared
things about our fellowship that I never knew. I was in awe of
this new information. I had nothing to look forward to in my
personal life. It was a mess. He shared in July in West Palm
Beach the Florida region would be holding their 1st annual
convention. It was called TODAY WE LIVE. He said conventions were
celebrations of recovery. I told myself I was going to attend
that convention. This year, in a couple months, Florida will be
holding their 30th convention, FRCNA 30. In 1984, I was the
chairperson for FRCNA 3. It was called BELIEVING IN MIRACLES. It
was the message of hope from one of our predecessors that allowed
me to see where I was going.

"Where there is no vision, there is no hope." - George Washington


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