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Daily Recovery Blog

Thursday June 24, 2021
"Share your experience, strength, and hope." - Burt W.

Beat me with a baseball bat, and I know where the pain is coming
from. Emotional pain, for me, was the worst. I did not enjoy
those feelings. It consumed me. If it was a relationship
break-up, or loss of a job; I felt my life was over. I was used
to dealing with rejection. It hurt. I was told to share it. I
felt very foolish the first time I shared what was going on in my
life. I was going to court. I had agreed to a 5 year prison
sentence. I was only 5 months clean. I was scared. I was crying
on the inside. My fears totally overwhelmed me. I decided to
follow suggestions and share. I do not remember too much of what
I said. I remember saying I was tired and wanted to grow up. I
did feel better getting it off my chest. I liked the warm feeling
I felt listening to others telling me to keep the faith. I even
chuckled when one addict said, if I said in recovery it would not
be prison it would be a spiritual retreat in a gated community. I
had been carrying a big ball of feelings in my stomach. Once I
shared, It felt like the ball started melting. The next week in
court, the judge asked me if there was anything I wanted to say
before sentencing. I said I was tired and wanted grow up. I can
remember just like it was yesterday what the judge said to me. He
said, "I do not know why I am doing this. I am suspending the 5
year prison sentence". My experience to an addict in pain is to
share it.

"Evil being the root of mystery, pain is the root of knowledge."
- Simone Weil


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