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Daily Recovery Blog

Sunday May 27, 2018
"Practicing psychiatry without faith in God is like meeting a
hungry man and giving him a toothpick." - Craig G.

In 1982, there were only two meetings a week in the county where
I lived. Our fellowship was small, but growing fast. I canít say
that it was a recovery epidemic, but we did run out of white
chips at many meetings. The newcomers were old timers in 30 days.
The need for more meetings kept us busy. In early 1984, I had
gotten a new job. My hours were from 2 pm to 10 pm . At that
time, all of our meetings started at 8 pm . I really needed this
job. My sponsor offered his solution: Get some addicts together
and start a noon meeting. I knew how to start a meeting. In that
last 2 years we had started several meetings. The fear of change
still overwhelmed me. I was excited about a new job, but I was
afraid to change my routine. The noon meeting got started and is
still going on today, 25 years later. My fear of the unknown was
being approached with spiritual values. My job required me to
hire four part time employees. I got another signal from HP while
interviewing the applicants; I noticed one wearing a piece of
jewelry that was a recovery symbol. That gave me a warm feeling.
I hired that applicant. I was living my life by just doing the
next right thing. I felt presence of God working in my life.

"In the faces of men and women I see God." - Walt Whitman


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