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Daily Recovery Blog

Monday July 23, 2018
"Growing Old is Natural... Growing Up is Spiritual..." - Greg H.

How was a spiritual solution going to help me stop using drugs? I
had real problems. My life was in turmoil. I was depressed. I
needed immediate answers. It was nearly impossible to practice
patience. I could not believe I was going to get better with a
pen and paper! I am glad I attended enough meetings to see and
feel recovery. If all I was given was literature to read, I would
not have stayed clean. I needed more. Something special happens
when addicts share from the heart. The written word is great. The
spoken word is awesome. At meetings is where I first allowed
myself to believe that maybe anyone else actually cared about
what I was going through. I know it felt great to get applause
for picking up a chip. It says in our basic text that one thing,
more than anything else, will defeat us in our recovery; that one
thing is an attitude of indifference toward spiritual principles.
I was told that an addict in Alaska might have a solution for an
addict in Florida. That is why we share our experience, strength,
and hope. It was special when I recognized how much better I felt
just by going to meetings. I was taught that spiritual principles
are for the long haul. My spiritual growth may be slow. Please be
patient. I am still learning.

"There is a spiritual solution to every problem." - Dr. Wayne


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