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Daily Recovery Blog

Wednesday August 5, 2020
"If your knees knock, kneel." - Michele D.

I spent many days praying to a God I did not understand. Most my
prayers were more like screams for help. I must have had a
guardian angel that looked over me during my using years. Like
many addicts I prayed only when my life was in turmoil. I knew
deep down God heard me. I do not ever remembering praying when
things were good. It was suggested to me, that in the morning I
ask for help and in the evening I say thank you. I am happy to
say I followed that suggestion. I must admit in the beginning it
was no more than lip service. I remember addicts sharing about
how important it was to develop a God of my own understanding. I
heard old timer say it helped more if I got on my knees when I
prayed. He said it was a sign of respect. He mentioned that if I
was going to visit the Queen I would bow in respect. I was
fortunate that their suggestions made sense to me. There was
little to no serenity in my life. Many times my prayers were
given because I was simply afraid that I was going to use again.
After a few weeks of starting my day with prayer, if I had
forgotten to pray in the morning, it only took a couple of hours
before I began to feel uncomfortable. I learned for this addict I
feel much better when I remember to pray.

“If we pray little, it is probably because we do not really
believe that prayer accomplishes much at all." - Wayne A. Grudem


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