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Daily Recovery Blog

Saturday May 21, 2022
"To get out of a problem, we must spiritually grow through it." -
Candice C.

I loved hearing addicts with long term recovery sharing their
story. One time, I heard an addict share that the longest journey
he ever made in recovery was eighteen inches; from his head to
his heart. I may have been close to 30 years old at that time,
but inside I felt like a child. I was a man with a boy on the
inside. There were many days I wanted to tell people that I loved
them. The words would get up to my throat, get stuck, and
disappear. My heart felt sad at not getting a chance to speak for
me. My head was stubborn, and it limited my spiritual growth.
Other member's actions showed me the way to overcome this fear. I
had made many attempts to take a hug home to my family. Somehow I
always lost them along the way. It was an incident on July 4,
1984 that helped me to see how important thinking with my heart
would be in my recovery. I had invited my parents to our
convention. At conventions addicts will hug anything that is
moving. I was the convention chairperson that year. Many addicts
were coming over to thank me for being of service. There were a
few pretty girls that were hugging my dad while saying hello to
him. I got in line without thinking about it and gave my dad a
hug. I felt like I was 12 years old again. My heart had taken
over and it felt great. I was learning to find my answers in the

"The worst prison would be a closed heart." - Pope John Paul II


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