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Daily Recovery Blog

Wednesday February 20, 2019
"Spiritual awakenings often come in the form of rude awakenings,
so you better pay attention!" - Chuck N.

I had sold my soul for drugs. My first awakening was a rude
awakening. I was in sad shape when I stopped using drugs. My
voice had a whiny sound, because inside I was crying so much. The
physical withdrawal was painful. I couldn't eat or sleep much.
The first several days were pure hell. It was about forty days
before I felt better physically. My mental state of mind left
much to be desired. The consequences of my using had caught up
with me. Negative thoughts consumed most of my time when I was
awake. I had stayed loaded on drugs for years. I somehow
functioned in life, but my main purpose was to use drugs. If
there is a spiritual path for life, I had strayed far away from
it. When reality started sinking in, and I was no longer escaping
with the drugs anymore, I felt like I needed to be locked up. The
urges to use were strong. My body, mind and soul craved drugs. In
time, I discovered that the soul I had once sold out could be

"Wisdom begins in wonder." - Socrates


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