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Daily Recovery Blog

Thursday September 28, 2023
"You spot it, you got it..." - Debbie C.

Everybody has a message. It was important for me to realize that
what is shared in meetings was that particular person's
experience. It may not have been the experience of the fellowship
as a whole. The chairperson helps to maintain an atmosphere of
recovery. My sponsor told me to develop a crap detector. I want
to be a better person. I am looking for a better way to live. I
was taught that each step involved spiritual values. All I needed
to do was to learn how to apply them to my life. I started my
recovery biased and judgmental. if you did not use like me, I did
not listen. After a few weeks, I started feeling what people were
sharing without even trying. An honesty of a kind seemed to
penetrate my spirit. I could no longer deny it, because I was
feeling it. My false pride slowly disappeared. I was able to
learn something new at most of the meetings. One experience I
remember was to be honest when applying for a job. I had a longer
arrest record than a list of work experience. I heard an addict
share that she would not want to work for anybody that did not
want the real her working there. I decided to follow her
suggestion and be honest on my application. It was embarrassing
to have to ask for more paper to continue writing my arrest
record. I got that job and stayed there for eleven years.

"If you're going through hell, keep going." - Winston Churchill


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