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Daily Recovery Blog

Tuesday November 24, 2020
"If clean time doesn't count, then get some" - Kristy Beth

Maybe it is the addict in me, but when I decided I wanted to stay
clean, I immediately wanted ten years right now. I read in the
book that spiritual values were for the long haul, and it would
be slow growth. I did not want my recovery to come slowly. I can
remember when I was little, I treated things in my life
differently if I had paid for them with the money I earned. This
was true about recovery. I felt better when I earned it. In order
for me to get experience, I had to experience it. It was not easy
earning key tags. I became very excited when I got close to
celebrating clean time. I remember when I was nominated to be the
group treasurer. I was scared, and even confessed to the group
that they may not want me handling their money, because I used to
be a thief. They said, "we know". It was a great feeling knowing,
just by staying clean and doing the next right thing, I had
earned trust.

"Your greatest asset is your earning ability. Your greatest
resource is your time" - Brian Tracy


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