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Daily Recovery Blog

Wednesday July 17, 2019
"Isolation is the dark room I enter to develop my negatives." -
Sandi B.

My addiction had left me homeless and in jail. Any contact with
family had to be initiated by me. If I could muster up the
courage to call a family member, I heard, "what do you want now?"
I was a user. I used up all the drugs, money, and friends that I
had. I was full of self pity. I understood feeling lonely. I had
earned that feeling. Even I wished that I could get away from
myself. It was interesting to hear other addicts share, "you
never have to be alone again". When I got clean, they gave me a
white poker chip. They said I was gambling with my life. I was
told to carry that white chip as a reminder that I was an addict.
I was told a recovering addict was only a phone call away. I
needed to call before I used. I was now a member of a spiritual
fellowship. I had a higher power that was all powerful, all
caring, and all loving. The obsession to use would be lifted. I
learned that getting clean was harder than staying clean. I had a
higher power now that wanted me to be happy. I had a fellowship
that told me they needed me. I was in their loving hands. It was
my choice, but I never had to be alone again.

"Isolation is a dream killer." - Barbara Sher


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