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Daily Recovery Blog

Monday December 6, 2021
"Garbage In, Garbage Out." - Johnny B.

My attitude toward making any investment of time and money used
to be was about what is in it for me. I believe my early recovery
was by osmosis. All I was capable of doing was showing up. I was
fortunate that other members asked me to help. Most of the tasks
were simple; things like sitting up chairs, taking out the trash,
and putting the literature on the table were some of the tasks I
remember. I was told I was needed. That made me feel better. The
person I got rides to meetings with was into showing up early.
Showing up early somehow put me in the spotlight. Other members
asked my name. The new members thought I knew what was going on
just because I showed up early. Once I joined a home group, I
realized I was making an investment in my recovery. I was to be
accountable to others. My home group's members reminded me all
the time that I needed to find a sponsor. It felt like I was
being nagged. To appease others, I asked a man to be my sponsor.
That was my next major investment in my recovery. I learned about
making an investment in my recovery. This man shared his
experience, strength, and hope. He told me he cared about helping
me in my recovery. He said if I was willing to follow some simple
instructions, he could show me how he stays clean. I liked his
approach. I remember he spent hours listening to me share my
writings. Today I am truly grateful for that time. His guidance
helped me grow up.

"It is only through labor and painful effort, by grim energy and
resolute courage that we move on to better things." - Theodore


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