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Daily Recovery Blog

Saturday October 19, 2019
"Today is the tomorrow we worried about yesterday." - Eddie A.

Learning to apply spiritual principles to my life was not easy.
Many times it was against my will. I had to practice acceptance
way more than ever I thought was necessary. My higher power was
all powerful, all loving and all caring, so it would only make
sense to let my life be in his care. However, I resisted this,
and as I look back over my life, nothing I touched ever turned to
gold. Why I resisted the program is beyond me. I usually needed
extreme pain in order to become willing. Id had enough
experiences in my life to give me faith. It may have started out
as blind faith, but the fellowship helped to open my eyes. I
needed to turn my will and my life over to the care of God if I
actually wanted to stay clean. My best thinking got me in jail. I
had turned my will over to drugs and my life over to the
department of corrections. I decided to follow my sponsor's
suggestion and turn my and will and life over to the care of God
as I understood him. I did that on a daily basis by asking for
guidance everyday. I asked God for guidance in my recovery and to
show me how to live clean. Two and a half decades later, it still
works for me. I am grateful that my God is an all powerful, all
caring and all loving God.

"Every evening I turn my worries over to God. He's going to be up
all night anyway." - Mary C. Crowley


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