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Daily Recovery Blog

Wednesday October 5, 2022
"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear." - Jeff B.

It was easy to come to meetings and listen. Meetings were a good
place to hear the experience of other addicts. Once the meeting
was over, I still had twenty-three other hours that I needed to
practice staying clean. My sponsor told me my best thinking had
gotten me here. I feel grateful that he had me buy a dictionary
and look up the definition of every word in each step. This
helped me get used to writing. I had not studied anything in
years. My learning skills were very rusty. It helped that I
respected my sponsor's recovery. Learning about how my addiction
manifested in all areas of my life really opened my eyes. After
about ninety days of meetings, I was able to sound pretty good.
Sounding good did not equal living good, however. I was shown
that this is an action program. Each day, I have to decide if I
still want to stay clean. I learned that recovery is progressive.
I read the disease is cunning ,baffling, and powerful. My sponsor
shared with me a process to help me remain teachable. He had me
practice asking for help from my higher power. He had me write
about was troubling me in my life, then share with him so that he
could help me to make a healthy decision.

"Where does one go from a world of insanity? Somewhere on the
other side of despair." - T. S. Eliot


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