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Daily Devotionals

Monday June 24, 2024

That Really Stinks
As I lifted the lid off my compost container, my nose was
assaulted by the acrid aroma of rotting food. "Argh!" I recoiled,
"That really stinks!" Then an inner voice reminded me, "Itís
supposed to stink." Of course it is. If rotten food wasnít
repulsive, we might eat it and get sick. The obnoxious smell is
natureís way of keeping us away from what would hurt us. Stubborn
as we humans can be, we sometimes put up with rotten smells for a
long time for all the wrong reasons. Many of us tolerate
dysfunctional relationships, addictive behaviors, abusive
situations, & obnoxious health conditions that undermine us every
time we participate in them. We convince ourselves that it is
noble to put up with pain, or "one day he will change," or "next
week I will talk to my friend." Meanwhile, we deny the message
the universe is trying to communicate: Do it differently so you
can be happy and healthy.

  "Daily Devotionals" by Pastor Scott Kelley, International Church of Clearwater
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