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Daily Devotionals

Wednesday October 21, 2020

I leave behind my limits...
“Do not let good be the enemy of better. ”Your current situation
may be good, but if a greater opportunity presents itself, you
must be open to expand. This does not mean you are to run away or
violate your integrity. If, however, you can step ahead with
honesty, honor, and peace, you will enjoy the benefits of living
in a larger universe.Muscles stay strong and flexible only by use
and stretching, and so does our mind. Challenge is the universe’s
way of showing us that we are bigger than we thought we
were.Bless your dreams, your desires, and your sense that there
must be more. There is more because you are more. Give me the
courage Lord to ask for all you want to give me. I leave behind
my limits and step forward to live as large as God wants me to

  "Daily Devotionals" by Pastor Scott Kelley, International Church of Clearwater
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