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Daily Devotionals

Wednesday July 17, 2019

Plan 4 Good
2day, dont let the negative voices of the world steal ur focus or
get u off course. Don't start planning 4 a bad day; choose 2 plan
4 good. The scripture doesn't say, Plan 4 good as long as the
economy is booming. It doesn’t say, Plan 4 good as long as u
arent facing any adversity. No, we can plan 4 good cause we serve
a God who is good, & He is ready, willing & able 2 bring us thru
any adversity we face! Boldly plan 4 good 2day & watch God show
up n the midst of ur plans! Those who plan what is good find luv
& faithfulness. Prov 14:22

  "Daily Devotionals" by Pastor Scott Kelley, International Church of Clearwater
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