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Buddha Quote

Wednesday October 21, 2020

Sometimes we miss the significance of intricate designs and
details in everyday life. Last night, I was leaning on the
circular glass barricade at the first floor of Shopping Mall,
overlooking the basement. There was a fountain below where I
stand, spewing up vertical streams, threatening to hit the people
up on the first floor. Interesting refreshing design. All this
was calculated-a minor feat of human engineering design. No
accident that the water comes so close yet so far. So much
effort was put in the details of design for the aesthetics of the
place. And all along, I had walked by, not stopping to "smell the
roses." Poetry is all around us. The world is so complex in
detail that it simply can't be the design of one creator. This
world is conceived through the collective efforts and karmic
manifestations of us all. I feel that it is helpful to remember
that there is a reason in the name of the law of cause and effect
(Karma) why things are the way they are and why the same things
appear differently before different individuals. This increases
our appreciation of every physical environment and mental states
we get into-be they positive or negative. Nothing arises
randomly, no play by no God; take nothing for granted. Everything
that we experience on the individual level, right down to the
details are amazing results of self-karmic engineering. We draw
the blueprints of our worlds of experience, and we are constantly
re-designing, amending the blueprints through our present
efforts. You, Architect of Life, what kind of world have you
designed yourself to be in? Does it have poetry and fountains? Or
do you pass them by? What is your masterplan and what does it
lead to? The "roses smell great," I appreciate it, but I better
be going. I'm just a guest here and I wouldn't want to be
attached to this world. My goal is not to play God-not to create
a world and love it. It is to go beyond life and death.

  "Buddha Quote" compiled by Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery, Singapore. Used by permission. kmspks.org
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