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Buddha Quote

Tuesday May 30, 2023

The Six Senses
See with your Eyes every Sight. Hear with your Ears every Sound.
Smell with your Nose every Smell. Taste with your Tongue every
Taste. Feel with your Body every Feeling. Think with your Mind
every Thought. Function pure untainted by Greed or Hatred.
Penetrate deep and mindfully into your experiences. Relish
every sensation. But do not become attached. Your six
senses- Be forever liberated by learning best you can from them,
or be forever trapped by indulging worst you can in them.

  "Buddha Quote" compiled by Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery, Singapore. Used by permission. kmspks.org
We offer Daily Buddha Quotes & Meditations for a more peaceful life. The quotes of Buddha you see
here are interpretations of Buddist concepts. As we know, there are many Buddhas, as well as many incarnations
of Buddha. The quotes of Buddha we publish here may not be exact words, but perhaps they are -- there may be
an incarnation of the Buddha right next to you, but you haven't recognized the Enlightened One yet!
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