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Buddha Quote

Wednesday October 5, 2022

Middle Way
Some complain that it is hard-or even impossible to walk the
Middle Way. It can seem totally incredible that anyone can
actually walk the Middle Way at all, striking a constant delicate
balance between not falling towards extremities of any kind. So
do we give up walking the path? No. When we say "walk the Middle
Way," we actually mean "trying our best to walk the Middle Way".
We will stray now and then in different aspects of our life. For
example, we might in one second entertain the possibility of
bliss in an "eternal heaven" (that is falling into the extreme of
belief in eternalism). And in the next second, we might catch
ourselves overeating our favourite food (another form of
extreme). And this is where diligence and the perfection of
effort comes in. The point is to constantly tune ourselves to the
balancing point of "not too much; just enough." It is this
moment-to-moment tuning that is our actual practising of the
Middle Way. The Buddha never expected us all to jump onto the
balancing tight-rope and start walking without tipping over now
and then. He knew that time is required for practice toward

  "Buddha Quote" compiled by Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery, Singapore. Used by permission. kmspks.org
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