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Daily Recovery Blog

Friday Jan 22, 2021
"I am not in prison. I am at a spiritual retreat in a gated
community" - Llama Boy

Life on life's terms is not another excuse for being powerless.
People, places, and things are going to do things on a daily
basis. There will be things that will happen that I have to
accept. My sponsor shared with me early on that I am not
powerless, until I start using drugs. One of the reasons I used,
was to avoid dealing with life on life's terms. I must accept
that I am an addict in order to stay clean. If I am unwilling to
accept life on life's terms, I am going to be miserable. I
grabbed on to the serenity prayer. The serenity prayer was my
first glimpse of letting go. Living life on life's terms, means
doing the best that I can, even though there are many
disagreeable events and realities that I wish were different.

"Our attitude toward life determines life's attitude towards us."
- Earl Nightingale

Thursday Jan 21, 2021
"If you're going bake a German chocolate cake, you need to follow
the recipe." - David J.

This admission I am about to make might help you understand me
better. I never liked using instructions. I would start putting
the item together simply by eyesight. Most times, I would have
screws and bolts left over, and it looked different from the
picture on the package. I then would pick up the instructions to
see where I went wrong. I started my recovery with this same
approach. It was missing pieces, and I felt empty inside. I was
given a few simple suggestions by other addicts. Get a home
group. Show up early. Get phone numbers and call people. Read
literature and learn about recovery. They gave me a sponsorship
pamphlet. I was told to get a sponsor. The sponsor would guide me
through the 12 steps. Once the pain of doing it my way became
unbearable, I followed those simple suggestions.

"Some will never learn anything because they understand
everything too soon." - Thomas Blount

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