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Daily Recovery Blog

Tuesday Feb 19, 2019
"If it ain't in the book, then it ain't in recovery." - Wayne M.

I got clean before our fellowship had a recovery text. There was
one currently being reviewed for approval. This was a big deal,
not only to us, but to all of the contributing addicts. It may
sound crazy, but it was thirty years before we had our own book;
a book written by addicts, for addicts, and about addicts. The
approval process took quite some time. I got clean in 1981. The
book was started years before, and finally published in 1983. We
had the photocopied drafts that were made up for approval that we
carried around like priceless pieces of gold. When I was in
treatment, I would lie awake at night reading it. The stories
were great. Those were the chapters that I first started reading.
I must have read that book several times in the first few years.
Once the book was out, I attended a meeting that was a book
study. Our book has helped thousands, if not millions, find
recovery. If you're an addict like me, give yourself a break and
read the book. It will open your mind.

"The purpose of education is to replace an empty mind with an
open one." - Malcolm Forbes

Monday Feb 18, 2019
"If you don't have a home group, then get one." - Carl A.

Meeting lists have the addresses of where the groups meet.
Anybody may attend the open meetings. Closed meetings are for
addicts only. It was suggested that I go to a lot of meetings,
and find one that I wanted to make my home group. It was shared
with me that a meeting is like a house on a street. A home group
is like a house that you moved into and made your home. A home
group is a meeting where you celebrate your clean time. It's a
group that you commit to helping out. Somebody opens the door,
makes coffee, buys literature, pays rent, chairs meetings, and
sends information to the area. I was taking meetings for granted,
until I joined a home group. It's a nice feeling to have a home
group. I seldom miss my own home group. If I am not there many
other members already know what is going with me. I am a member
of the Welcome Home Group. We meet every Thursday at 8pm. Our
attendance is about a hundred members. There are thirty-three
home group members. We are an open meeting. On the last Thursday
of the month, we have a speaker. This meeting has moved three
times, and is thirty years old. We rent a room from a church. We
are not affiliated with them. Our group gives new members a
little white book, a key tag, and a meeting list. We have two
greeters to meet members coming in and give them a hug. There is
always space on our list for new home group members.

"Good fellowship and friendship are lasting, rational and manly
pleasures." - William Wycherley

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