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Daily Recovery Blog

Wednesday Dec 12, 2018
"You spot it, you got it..." - Debbie C.

Everybody has a message. It was important for me to realize that
what is shared in meetings was that particular person's
experience. It may not have been the experience of the fellowship
as a whole. The chairperson helps to maintain an atmosphere of
recovery. My sponsor told me to develop a crap detector. I want
to be a better person. I am looking for a better way to live. I
was taught that each step involved spiritual values. All I needed
to do was to learn how to apply them to my life. I started my
recovery biased and judgmental. if you did not use like me, I did
not listen. After a few weeks, I started feeling what people were
sharing without even trying. An honesty of a kind seemed to
penetrate my spirit. I could no longer deny it, because I was
feeling it. My false pride slowly disappeared. I was able to
learn something new at most of the meetings. One experience I
remember was to be honest when applying for a job. I had a longer
arrest record than a list of work experience. I heard an addict
share that she would not want to work for anybody that did not
want the real her working there. I decided to follow her
suggestion and be honest on my application. It was embarrassing
to have to ask for more paper to continue writing my arrest
record. I got that job and stayed there for eleven years.

"If you're going through hell, keep going." - Winston Churchill

Tuesday Dec 11, 2018
"Recovery is easy. All you have to do is change everything." -
Abby C.

There was never enough money for me to support my habit. I would
tell myself things like: buy ten, sell five of them, and you can
use for free! I want you to know that it never worked out that
way. I wound up using all ten. I would always have an excuse
handy for each and every situation. Lying was a way of life for
me. I did not consider it to be a terrible behavior. It was
simply a part of my personal survival kit. Most of my values were
lowered in order for me to justify using drugs. I worked hard all
week... I deserve a break. I missed many days from work due to
made up funerals. I can remember my boss at work saying, "most
people only have two grandmothers". I awoke one day hating the
person that my addiction had created. It was shared with me that
the same person would use again. I wanted do something different.
It was an addict that moved here from Canada that helped me to
start on my path to change. He said, "Just do one thing
differently every day, and in less than one year, your life will
take a 180 degree turn. That information helped me let go of old

"Stand up and walk out of your history." - Phil McGraw

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