Random Acts Of Kindness
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More Random Acts Of Kindness

Wednesday Feb 1, 2023
I'm going to sweep the sidewalk today... not
just in front of my house, but from one end of
the street to the other, on both sides of the
road. I'll dispose of any debris that's been
discarded there, as well.

Tuesday Jan 31, 2023
There are lots of organizations where I could
donate my old cell phone, to returning soldiers
or economically disadvantaged people, for
example. They all need a phone for a job hunt,
or for emergencies, or just to reach out.

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Celebrate the joy of giving with random acts of kindness. Each time we're of service to our fellow human, we make life easier for others, but also for ourselves. It's true that what comes around goes around. So, each random act of kindness begets one in return.