Random Acts Of Kindness
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More Random Acts Of Kindness

Sunday Jun 25, 2017
My goal today is to go through the entire day
without sharing my opinion of what anyone else
is doing wrong. I have no expectation of anyone
doing the same for me; in fact, I will welcome
it as constructive criticism if they do, no
matter what their tone may be.

Saturday Jun 24, 2017
When a co-worker brings up something negative
"the boss" has done, I'll point out something
good he or she has done, and be quietly thankful
that the fellow employee isn't criticizing me.

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Celebrate the joy of giving with random acts of kindness. Each time we're of service to our fellow human, we make life easier for others, but also for ourselves. It's true that what comes around goes around. So, each random act of kindness begets one in return.