Random Acts Of Kindness
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More Random Acts Of Kindness

Tuesday Nov 29, 2022
I will practice Active Listening with my partner
(or potential partner). This means listening
without criticizing, correcting, or judging, and
repeating back what I heard to ensure my partner
I understand and care.

Monday Nov 28, 2022
When I wake up in the morning, I will thank my
Higher Power in advance for all that will come
my way in the day to come. By alerting myself
in this way to the idea of acceptance, I also
reaffirm my faith.

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Celebrate the joy of giving with random acts of kindness. Each time we're of service to our fellow human, we make life easier for others, but also for ourselves. It's true that what comes around goes around. So, each random act of kindness begets one in return.