Random Acts Of Kindness
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More Random Acts Of Kindness

Sunday Jul 12, 2020
I can help a friend find a job by forwarding his
or her resumé to everyone on my e-mail list with
a note attached asking the recipients to forward
it as well, followed by a short prayer.
Together, we'll use the "six degrees of
separation" theory to help this job-seeker find
his or her bliss!

Saturday Jul 11, 2020
I'll think of an enjoyable experience I had with
a sibling when I was a child, and write him or
her a letter (NOT an e-mail) about my positive
recollections of that day.

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Celebrate the joy of giving with random acts of kindness. Each time we're of service to our fellow human, we make life easier for others, but also for ourselves. It's true that what comes around goes around. So, each random act of kindness begets one in return.